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MAQS - Varroa Mite Control

MAQS Beehive Strips

MAQS Beehive Strip is an authorised veterinary for the control of varroa mite.

Copies of the product labels, technical information and pricing can be found by clicking on the appropriate MAQS tabs below.

MAQS beehive strip are available over the counter at our Market Drayton store, the contact details for which can be found by clicking on the "Purchase at our Shropshire Store"  tab below.

Please note that we are no longer accepting postal orders via the website/telephone. 


Click below to learn more about the unique effective action of (MAQS) against varroa

MAQS Beehive strip provides British Beekeepers with a no mess, easy to use product that delivers efficacy, flexibility and timing choice in the battle against varroa. The product is sold in a 10 treatment bucket, with one treatment being two strips.