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Proper Application

MAQS should be stored out of direct sunlight and at temperatures below 25 degrees Celcius. A treatment of MAQS is two strips. Proper placement of these strips within the hive is important for product efficacy.

Please reference the pictogram below for precise details on placement of the strips and the ambient temperature requirements on the day of treatment. DO NOT REMOVE THE PAPER WRAP.

The Field Guide (attached below) provides comprehensive user information. Use bar on right to scroll down.

Also attached is an information sheet giving best practice guidance (spring and late summer treatment) for MAQS. Also summaries of scientific papers relating to mite control and the impact upon drones, Queens and colony health. Full details of theses scientific papers can be found at

Please scroll down to see the attached documents.

MAQS Beehive strip provides British Beekeepers with a no mess, easy to use product that delivers efficacy, flexibility and timing choice in the battle against varroa. The product is sold in a 10 treatment bucket, with one treatment being two strips.