Hybrid Wheat

    We are delighted to have been chosen as a distributor by CROPCO and Saaten Union for their range of hybrid wheat.

    Hybridisation of wheat brings benefits in terms of hybrid vigour - faster emergence, stronger roots and a more robust plant that is better able to deliver, especially under challenging conditions.

    Hybrid wheat is therefore a superb choice under difficult conditions - be that dry soils, second wheat or just those fields that tend to pull down your average farm yield. In addition, hybridisation in itself brings significant yield uplift - so in time expect to see hybrid wheat being widely grown across the UK farm. 

    Today hybrid wheat is grown on 600,000 acres across Europe, with that figure forecast to hit 1,400,000 acres by 2018. Hybrids are already commonly grown across the whole farm in France.

    So hybrid wheat technology is well established in Mainland Europe, and Saaten Union have committed significant resources to ensure this technology continues to grow.

    The biggest change for us here in the UK is that varieties are now being bred with the UK in mind. Furthermore, varieties such as HYTECK are being entered into UK Official Trials so we will be able to compare the hybrid yield advantage against conventional UK varieties under UK conditions. Watch this space!

    HYSTAR (hybrid wheat): Yield 4.04T/acre at 78kg/hl.

    For more information on hybrid wheat varieties such as HYSTAR and HYTECK, please copy the link below in to your browser.