Seed Distributors

    Cereals and Wholecrop Cereals and Wholecrop

    We are delighted to have been chosen as a distributor for the leading Cereal seed breeder Nickersons. This enables us to provide wheat and barley seed of the highest quality dressed as appropriate for our customer needs. We are also specialist for wholecrop forage seeds and agronomy including wheat, barley, peas, lupin, triticale and more.

    Oilseed Rape

    So much more than just a break crop, BCW is proud to be working in close partnership with leading breeding companies such as DeKalb and Pioneer. This enables us to be at the leading edge when it comes to understanding new innovations such as the low biomass hybrids and Clearfield systems and how best to position them for maximum return on farm.

    Maize Maize

    We have considerable expertise in the maize crop. Again, we work closely with the leading R&D breeding companies Limagrain, KWS and Pioneer and are therefore able to provide a range of the latest varieties to suit all situations where maize can be grown. From Seed to Feed we can provide all the necessary advice for both present and aspiring maize growers, tailoring the variety best suited to each customers soil type and forage needs.

    Grass and Herbage Grass and Herbage

    We stock a wide range of high quality grass and clover seed mixes, to enhance performance whatever the regime. mixtures from GERMINAL and DLF will deliver high quality leys. Specialty mixes can soon be tailored to specific needs.